Administration of Foreign Exchange published 12 additional measures to facilitate cross-border trade

Release date: 2019-12-17
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Administration of Foreign Exchange has published 12 measures to facilitate cross-border trade and investment. Those measures including:

1) Expanding the Pilot Areas of Facilitation of Trade Foreign Exchange Receipts and Payments

2) Canceling Restrictions on Domestic Equity Investments by Capital of Non-investment Foreign-funded Enterprises

3) Expanding the Pilot Scope of Facilitation of Income Payments of Capital Accounts

4) Relaxing Restrictions on Foreign Exchange Settlement by Foreign Exchange Capital under Capital Accounts

5) Simplifying Formalities for Receipts and Payments of Trade in Goods for Small and Micro Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises

6) Reforming the Registration Management of Corporate Foreign Debts

7) Canceling Restrictions on the Quantity of Opened Foreign Exchange Capital Accounts

8) Optimizing the Report Methods of Foreign Exchange Business of Trade in Goods

9)Relaxing Provisions on the Opening of To-be-verified Accounts for Export Earnings

10) Facilitating the Directory Registration of Branches of Enterprises

11) Impelling the Pilot Program on External Transfer of Domestic Credit Assets

12) Allowing the Centralized Management of Overseas Capital of Engineering Contracting Enterprises

Foreign Exchange on Further Promoting Cross-border Trade and Investment Facilitation

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