The idea behind “For Dummies”

Release date: 2019-09-30
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The finance and taxation system in China has been updated frequently in recent years. In order to effectively popularize relevant policies, all parties including tax bureaus and consulting companies have been engaged in some new attempts, such as short video courses and policy interpretations in cartoons. Such lively and interesting forms make policies much simpler and easier to understand, and are highly appreciated among industries. On the other hand, courses or interpretations in foreign languages have been rarely seen.

These years, the Chinese government has introduced various preferential policies to encourage foreign investment in China, which also inspired Wuyou Consulting to develop a series of financial and tax video courses in foreign languages (Japanese and English). Through such video courses, Wuyou Consulting aims to introduce the PRC finance and taxation policies to the world, helping more foreign companies and individuals understand the business environment in China, and in the meanwhile, facilitate foreign executives working in China and Chinese financial personnel working in foreign invested companies.

It’s never easy to explain complicated stuff in simple words, and how to focus on points and illustrate them logically within a limited time is particularly a tough test for basic skills. Though the subject of each video course seems to be basic, the selection of contents always involves plenty of references to original laws, regulations as well as the following updates and relevant interpretations. After the contents are finalized, Japanese and English translation and proofreading will be arranged, and then there still remains the voice recording and repeated communication and confirmation with the video production company.

I must give thanks to every member engaged in the development of “For Dummies” video courses. This product will never be ready without all of you.

Knowledge is infinite and learning is endless. We are always on the way.

The way ahead is still long and full of difficulties, and our efforts must continue!

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